1. Introduction to Course Portfolios and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

In this brief section I describe the origins of the emerging field of the scholarship of teaching and learningl. One particular form that such scholarship has taken is that of the course portfolio, which is also discussed.

2. History

This section describes the evolution of my teaching in recent years and how I came to teach a course in mathematical problem solving and my decision to document that teaching and what I could capture of my students learning.

3. Objectives

A statement of what I hope to accomplish by teaching course.

4. Course Design

Here the viewer will find an outline what how the course was organized and how I viewed learning to take place in the class.

5. Unfolding of the Course

A week by week narrative of the conduct of the course.

6. Data

Links to all the evidence which was collected. This includes: examples from the weekly work submitted by students, examples from student finals, examples of my written responses to the problems submitted by students, summaries of the initial survey, summaries of the supplemental course evaluation, and summaries of the interviews conducted with students in the subsequent quarter of study.

7. Findings

My (informal) insights on teaching problem solving to mathematics students and conclusions about the degree to which my objectives were achieved.

7. Library

Links to all the materials, including the aforementioned data but also including copies of the intial survey, the supplemental student evaluation, the interview questionnaire, and all the assigned problems.

8. References

An annotated bibliography of books and articles which influenced my design and teaching of the course and the development of this course portfolio.


A form for directly communicating your comments about my course and/or its representation in this portfolio.