DATA on Student Learning

From this section you will find links to the data that I have collected in connection with trying to trying to investigate the nature and depth of my students learning and, in particular, whether my learning objectives were achieved. These sections are:

Examples of student work: Submitted problems

Here you will find nearly 40 problems as they were worked out by students, my accompanying written responses as well as commentary on what their solutions illustrates about their learning.

Examples of student work: Solutions from the final

Here you will find problems as they were done by students on the timed final examination and a brief discussion of the nature of their solutions.

Summary of the initial survey

All students turned in an initial survey. The answers to the questions most relevant to the learning objectives are summarized and there are excerpts from their answers to narrative questions.

Summary of the supplemental student evalution of the course

A majority of the students completed a supplemental evaluation of the course. The answers to those inquiries most relevant to the learning objectives are summarized and all narrative comments are transcribed.

Summary of student intervies

Eleven of the thirteen students participated in a 1:00 - 1:30 interview which was recorded. Notes were also taken. Student responses are summarized and excerpts of transcribed portions are included. Some verbatim statements are also available.