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This work has been supported in part by a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in Menlo Park, California. In addition, many people provided assistance with and inspiration for this site:

The STEP '00 teachers whose work is included in this site contributed much time and effort in creating and writing their cases during the Principles of Teaching for Learning class. We thank all the STEP teachers who generously shared their cases, and give special thanks to Sonya, Mika, Jessica and Rick, who allowed us to feature their work more extensively and who gave their time and energy in interviews about their learning. We also gratefully thank the STEP teachers who gave permission for their photographs to be included in the site, enabling us to better provide a sense of the context of the PLT class and the STEP program.

Tom Hatch's work on the scholarship of teaching inspired the development of this site. Throughout the design of this site, Tom provided important conceptual guidance, suggestions and feedback which have significantly shaped the design and theoretical backbone of this site. His website investigating the teaching of his school reform class also provided some key ideas and formats that contributed to the structure of this site. 

Desiree Pointer provided a wealth of assistance and tutoring in web design and technique, and much-needed technical support.



Copyright 2000, Karen Hammerness, Stanford University. All the material contained on this site has been produced by Karen Hammerness, Lee Shulman, Linda Darling-Hammond, Kay Moffett, and Misty Sato. These materials can be downloaded, printed and used with proper acknowledgement, including the name and affiliation of the authors and the web-site addess.

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