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Instructor's Comments on Final Case

    Sonya, your case is fabulous. You have done an expert job at weaving an analytic theme—intellectual honesty—throughout your case. It is deeply compelling and I think you have accurately and elegantly captured the essence of Bruner's notion. I really appreciate your question of what it means to have students experience the play in its pure form—and as I read your case, I began to think that in fact you HAD ultimately presented the play to them in a "pure "form (dramatic form). As you conclude, it seems that you did find a way to be ultimately true both to your students and to the literature. Your description of the days' lessons is so thorough and detailed and you do a lovely job describing student reactions, comments, work as well as communicating the complexity of your own thoughts as the teacher. Finally, you've added a thoughtful "meta-analysis" about what this experience and reflective moment may  mean for your future teaching. Overall, a really fine case; one that future STEPPies should read!

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