Project Descriptions


Project Descriptions

Recommendation regarding possible adoption of "Connected Mathematics Project"

A review of a proposal to implement the Connected Mathematics Project at a hypothetical middle school.

Essential questions and deeper thoughts: A look at interdisciplinary curriculum

An examination of the principles of interdisciplinary curriculum used by the Coalition of Essential Schools and a comparison of the CES approach with the approach to interdisciplinary curriculum being used at the school where the student teaches.

Edison Schools

A study of the theory of action of Edison Schools and the likelihood their approach can be effective and sustained over time.

A Foundation proposal review: Different Ways of Knowing and Malcolm X Academy

An analysis of a hypothetical proposal to implement Different Ways of Knowing at Malcolm X Academy.

Somewhere between: A look at a Coalition school through a Core Knowledge Lens

An analysis of the exhibitions and approach of one member of the Coalition of Essential Schools and a consideration of how that approach compares to, and could build on, the Core Knowledge approach.

Developing a new approach at an Oakland Middle School

A hypothetical presentation to the faculty of an Oakland Middle School in which the current reading approach is analyzed and a promising new approach described.

The San Francisco Beacon Initiative

A presentation analyzing the theory of action and effectiveness of a comprehensive approach that links schools and communities to promote the healthy development of youth and families. (Note: This student audited the course and made a presentation on Beacon Schools, but was not required to write a report)

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