Chemistry Research Day at Stony Brook

Since 1999, the Chemistry Department at SUNY Stony Brook has held an annual department-wide public celebration of research.


Chemistry Research Day is an annual public showcase of chemistry research underway in our department. The events of the day, held in a ballroom and theater on campus, include a public lecture by a faculty member, as well as a poster session that enjoys nearly complete participation from the department, typically boasting about 100 posters.

Details of the Event

  • Although not mandatory, we get full participation and support from individual faculty members and research groups, by using:
  • multiple e-mail contacts to faculty and students
    a published list of poster titles
    clear deadlines for participation

  • Chemistry Research Day has a celebratory atmosphere, helped by the special location and free lunch for all participants.
  • We invite members of the University administration, as well as the chairs of other science departments on campus, to attend.
  • Feedback from these attendees, during and after the event, has increased enthusiasm in the department.


    Chemistry Research Day gives undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs a natural occasion for discussing their research with their peers and with the public, helping students to develop their communication skills at many levels. Collaborations have developed directly from many of these conversations. The enthusiasm of the day carries over into the rest of the year, supporting student feelings of community and pride in the department.


    Chemistry Research Day began as a recruiting tool but has become an annual event because of its perceived value for current members of the department. Students and faculty have been enthusiastic in their descriptions of the day. After the first year, the effort required to organize an annual Chemistry Research Day has been relatively modest. With an initial investment in easels, pushpins, and corrugated-plastic mounting boards, the annual costs are also small: lunch for everyone in the department, plus replacement costs for damaged materials.

    One challenge for the future is keeping the event "fresh", with an appropriately celebratory spirit.

    Typical Schedule

    11:30 am
    Poster Setup
    12:30 pm
    Poster Session
    Public Lecture

    Department lunch before the poster session.
    Department lunch before the poster session.

    Poster List 2004
    We collect the titles to all posters and put the list on our department web site.

    A public lecture caps off the day.
    A public lecture caps off the day.

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