The Graduate Affairs Committee

Activities 2003-04

The main activity of the Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC) this year was to plan a transition course for those entering students with deficiencies in their preparation. The course will be offered by Marius Junge in Fall 2004 as a topics course, and we hope it will have its own number in Fall 2005. The course comes key aspects of analysis and linear algebra that some entering students do not understand or have not seen, emphasizing the relations among these topics and their usefulness.

Entering students who should take this course will be advised into it. It is expected to have 8-12 students each fall. Benefits include creating a peer group for these students. Also taking this one course instead of repeating multiple undergraduate courses will be more efficient for these students. A side benefit is removing our graduate students from our undergraduate courses.

The GAC also discussed the Alumni Visiting Committee visit and the report of the committee. There were no conclusions. The graduate students on the committee polled their peers concerning some of these issues, and response was generally positive. The GAC did not feel the need to further pursue the earlier reports on mentoring or time to degree. The GAC was unwilling to discuss long-range planning.


Douglas West

Chair of the GAC

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