Innovation: Ideas from 2004 convening

1) Create Data Base (former and current graduate students)

2) Develop more pathways for entry into mathematics

3) Improve Math 400

4) Improve the Teaching Instruction Orientation

5) Create more interactions of faculty and graduate students. How?

6) Create More flexibility in when fellowships are taken

7) Graduate Mini Courses

8) Increase number of Graduate students on GAC

9) Encourage Faculty to Offer REGS

10) Increase Interactions with Post Docs

11) Create a Departmental Social Committee

12) Instruct graduate students in giving research talks

CID Plans for UIUC 2004

1. Create DATABASE (past and present)

2. Creat new PATHWAYS into mathematics

-transition course for beginning students (Fall 04)

-mini courses (Fall 05)


-increase grad representation on GAC

-create departmental social committee

-continued evolution of RAPs and research groups

-improved mentoring and orientation

4. Expand and share REGs program

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