Electronic Portfolio Assessment Workshop for Faculty

Electronic Portfolios: Opportunities for Undergraduate

Self-Assessment, Departmental, Program and Core Curriculum Assessment

Paula J. Martasian, Ph.D.

Mary Montminy-Danna, Ph.D.

Salve Regina University

Laptop Initiative

May 23 - 24, 2006

An assessment process that links department's and program's goals and objectives with student assignments will be described. This process is aimed at student self-assessment using the electronic portfolio to upload seminal assignments. This process will be illustrated by using the first year student experience of the core curriculum. Participants are encouraged to share seminal assignments, grading rubrics and how they could use the electronic portfolio to assess their goals and objectives.

Outline to Presentation

Preliminary Questions to Answer:

  • What are your assessment initiatives?
  • What program, course, curriculum will you assess?
  • What are your goals and objectives?
  • What seminal assignments, events, activities are currently linked or could be linked to your goals and objectives?
  • What will be your starting place?
  • Possible Starting Places:


  • What evidence do you want to assess?
  • Are there any required courses, experiences, assignments, experiences, of all participants in your program / department?
  • Could those assignments be utilized for student self-assessment, department, program or core assessment?
  • Assessment Process:

    Goals and Objectives

    Assignments & Rubrics


  • Closing the Loop of Assessment
  • Ongoing Evaluation and Feedback
  • Directions for Revisions
  • Work in Progress
  • First Year Experience: A Starting Place for Student Self-Assessment and Core Assessment:

  • Common Core Experience in the First Year:
  • Seeking Wisdom

    What it Means to be Human

    New Student Seminar

  • Linked by Core Goals and Objectives, Themes, Seminar Style Teaching / Learning
  • Introduces Students to their Core Curriculum
  • Teaching Students for Self-Assessment:

  • Building the Electronic Portfolio
  • Asking Questions to Make Core Connections
  • Uploading Works as Evidence
  • Uploading Reflective Essays as Self-Assessment
  • Summary of Assessment Process Utilizing Student Laptop Initiative:

  • Identify Goals and Objectives
  • Identify Assignments for Electronic Portfolio in Major / Program or Core
  • Develop Rubrics for Grading Assignments
  • Develop Rubrics for Assessing Goals and Objectives
  • Utilize Assessment Data as Feedback / Evidence and /or Revisions
  • Future Directions:

    How Might You Use the Electronic Portfolio in Your Classes for Assessment of the Core or Major Program / Goals and Objectives?


    Writing Across the Curriculum Rubric

    Rubric for grading papers at Salve Regina University

    The Salve Regina University Core Curriculum:

    A Program Designed for Developing Lifelong Learners and

    Responsible Citizens of the World

    Overview of Core Curriculum Goals and Assessment €“ Freshman Year

    Rubric for Student Self-Assessment for Reflective Essays

    Culminating Portfolio Reflective Essay

    Electronic Portfolio Core Goals Assessment

    Rubrics for Assessing Core Curriculum Goals and Objectives:

    Goal I: An Education with A Catholic Identity

    Goal II: Liberal Education

    Goal III: Responsible Citizens of the World

    Goal IV: Lifelong Learning