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Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate (CID) Collection
cid_teamWelcome to the gallery displaying electronic "snapshots" of the work of some of the departments and programs that are part of the Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate (CID). The CID is an action and research project to encourage and support departmentsí efforts to improve the quality of their doctoral programs by designing and putting new initiatives into practice. The CID focused in six fields of study: chemistry, education, English, history, mathematics, and neuroscience. CID staff worked with leadership teams from over 80 departments that were selected to participate in the CID. On their campuses, leadership teams of faculty and students deliberated seriously about what did and did not work in their doctoral programs. Thereafter, departments implemented appropriate changes in the program, and began to assess their efforts. This collection includes views of some participating departments and their work in the CID. They are organized by discipline; click on a discipline to see a list of all available snapshots sorted by department name. Snapshots are text and image portrayals of departmentís goals and work for the CID. Many include links to documents. Snapshots in this collection are built on templates; design frameworks that help the viewer see a particular kind of work. There are four different templates on view here, and each department has elected to showcase different ones.
  • CID Work: These give the big picture of a departmentís CID-related efforts. These are a good place to start.
  • Innovations: These provide details about new initiatives that departments are implementing as part of the CID. Many departments have undertaken a variety of initiatives, so some have several of these snapshots.
  • Exemplary Elements: These provide details of features of doctoral programs that predate the CID, but that others might want to learn more about. Some departments have several of these snapshots.
  • Snapshots created for the summer 2005 convenings (meetings of departmental representatives held at the Carnegie Foundation) highlight successful program elements and unanswered questions related to the themes of the three convenings: Developing researchers and scholars. Developing effective teachers. Supporting intellectual community.

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