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How is journalism interdisciplinary?

Just to write a story, for example, about a speaker on campus, students will have to use the following skills:

  1. Observation skills
  2. Note taking skills
  3. Critical thinking skills - figuring out what is important
  4. Writing skills
  5. Current event skills - keeping up with what is going on
  6. Research skills - finding out about the speaker in advance
  7. Reading skills - reading other material about the speaker
  8. Internet skills - researching the story
  9. Computer skills - writing up the story and using PageMaker to lay it out
  10. Art skills - determining the best page layout
  11. Photography skills - taking photos for the paper and using Adobe PhotoShop to edit them
  12. Math skills - doing Excel spreadsheets of survey data collected
  13. Science knowledge - writing stories that are scientifically based
  14. Interviewing skills - used in all stories



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