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Mission Statement for Verde

This is the first year of publication for the Palo Alto High School magazine Verde, which is published four times during the school year, once per quarter. The mission statement of the magazine is to provide the student and parent community with in-depth look at what students at the high school are thinking and doing. Another goal is to write articles about topics of interest to teenagers. In fulfilling this goal, the magazine runs primarily features and reviews. The students themselves generate all the ideas for the articles.

One of the main reasons that I started this magazine was to provide additional journalistic opportunities for the students at Palo Alto High School. The newspaper program is so heavily subscribed that more than 40 students had to be turned away last year. I thought that by creating another publication I would provide more opportunities for students to improve their writing, to be in leadership positions, to learn desktop publishing skills, to learn advertising and business skills and to be part of the journalistic process. .

Everything, including all the ads, in the magazine was created by the students. In most cases, the advertisers gave us the text and some images and we put it together to create the ads. The students took most of the photos. Some photos of celebrities were scanned from an original photo.

One of the problems we encountered during the year was funding for the glossy cover, which actually cost almost $2,000 alone. So we printed the third edition with a non-glossy cover, but the final edition was glossy again. We managed to get enough advertising and raise enough money so that the publication paid for itself by the end of the year.

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