Advanced Mathematics for Secondary Teachers: Course Portfolio
For the Fall 2000 class taught at Michigan State University

Curtis Bennett

Central Inquiry :





I designed this portfolio for multiple purposes and viewers. Your interests should determine how you navigate the portfolio. I have styled it after an artist’s portfolio: the main portion consists of ten “snapshots,” each of which might be examined for minutes or hours. These snapshots are also linked so that you need never return to this page. As the choices at this stage might seem a bit overwhelming, there are links to five teaching “problems” or questions that I have addressed in this portfolio. Chasing each of these links leads to a page with frames that will provide you with one path to follow through the portfolio. My suggestion, however, would be to start with one of these paths and then follow your interests.

Snapshots/ Artifacts of My Teaching

I see my portfolio as a combination of three purposes of course portfolios outlined by Pat Hutchings (1998):

  • A vision of the possible: I designed the mathematics capstone course I teach, and I feel that I have captured a possible vision of what such a capstone course for secondary education majors can do. I hope that others will look at my portfolio and find it helpful in designing their own capstone courses for their students.
  • An aid to memory: This portfolio documents the fourth time I taught the capstone class. Each time the course has been quite different, although the students are not so different from term to term. What I have found is that when I prepare the course each term, I only remember some of what went on, not all. I hope that as I teach the course again in the fall term of 2001 that I will be able to use this portfolio to help me remember key issues.
  • An occasion to investigate student learning: In the spring of 2000 I was named a Carnegie Fellow of the Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching. As part of this fellowship, I wanted to investigate how certain portions of the capstone class affected student learning. Parts of this course portfolio contain the details of my investigation. Indeed some of the results of the investigation will be presented within.

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