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Introducing Shakespeare

Yvonne Divans Hutchinson, King Drew High School
Los Angeles, CA


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Romeo and Juliet

Imagery and symbolism are strong themes throughout Shakespeare's plays. The tragic elements prevalent in Romeo and Juliet, such as pride, death, pain and loss, create one of the most dynamic worlds in all of literature. A careful examination of the text and the imagery it evokes surrounding the lovers, the influence, and the impact of fate creates a rich and powerful context for teaching, learning and understanding Shakespeare.

Documentation of Teaching

Classroom Videos Description/Commentary

Shakespearean Insults Activity

Reflective Interview

Create a Cover for a Reading Log


Literature Circles 1

Literature Circles 2

Literature Circles 3

Actor's Notes

Figuring Out the Metaphor

Scene Rehearsal

Class Performances

Classroom Photographs

Gallery of Images

High resolution still photos taken during the introductory lesson, including images of the classroom walls.

Curriculum, Pedagogical Materials and Student Work

Pedagogical Context and Materials

Reading Shakespeare Aloud    
Shakespearean Insults    
"What does it say-- What does it mean-- What does it matter" Assignment    
Quotes for "Say/Mean/Matter" Assignment    

Student Work for "Say/Mean/Matter":
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Vocabulary assignment    
Log Assignment    
Student Work: Log Assignment front and back    
Ann Lieberman's observation notes    
Ann Lieberman's interview questions    

Resources and Links

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California Language Arts Standards for Ninth and Tenth Grade
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