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The University of Charleston is an independent, comprehensive institution of higher education serving approximately 1100 full-time undergraduate students in three academic divisions- Arts and Sciences, Business, and Health Sciences; and graduate programs leading to a PharmD and Executive MBA. The University is located in the capital city of West Virginia and benefits from its proximity to the seat of government, to the state's largest medical, commercial and financial centers, and to major research and manufacturing facilities. The University's outcome-based curriculum integrates liberal learning outcomes in communication, citizenship, critical thinking, creativity, ethical practice and science with outcomes in a major field of study ensuring that graduates are educated for a "life of productive work, enlightened living, and community involvement."

Faculty Center
Description of Curriculum & Liberal Learning Outcomes

Integrated Learning Assignments

Through out the project faculty developed assignments that encouraged students to integrate liberal learning outcomes within the context of courses in the majors, and/or to design interdisciplinary learning experiences for students.

This project allowed faculty to build on work already underway which focused on making the curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment learner-centered. Active learning strategies that link course outcomes and the LLOs, and the use of rubrics and primary trait scales are strongly encouraged. This process promotes a common understanding of expectations for learning and provides structures for timely and intentional feedback to students about their learning.

The links that follow provide samples of integrated learning assignments and rubrics developed as a result of our work on this project.

Historical Preservation Project
Jo Kerr's Integrated Learning Project.

Integrated Assignments & Rubrics
Sample assignments and rubrics developed during the projects history.

Learning Your Way


UC's project focused upon enhancing and celebrating integrated learning assignments that are aligned with program and liberal learning outcomes. As a result of our participation we continue to:

  • Showcase integrated learning assignments that strengthen student learning
  • Support faculty in their efforts to increase the variety and quality of integrated learning assignments
  • Create opportunities for sharing our scholarship of teaching and assessment with one another.
  • Approximately 300 courses have integrated one or more of the liberal learning outcomes. Faculty members submit courses for peer review and upon approval they then appear in the academic schedule with the appropriate outcome(s) designation.

    Formative assessment of student learning occurs within these designated courses and summative assessment occurs through senior capstone courses in the major and an interdisciplinary capstone, electronic portfolio, and comprehensive exams. The Academic Profile and the Collegiate Learning Assessment provide external feedback to the University.

    Faculty members are encouraged to share their results during faculty forums, and to present their work at regional and national conferences.

    Specific information about the curricular design, liberal learning outcomes, samples of integrated assignments, and assessment rubrics can be found using the links on this page.

    Joan Clark and Radiologic Science students discuss techniques for imaging

    Where's Waldo - Ask Alan
    Where's Waldo - Ask Alan


    The UC team is expanding to include more of the full-time faculty members as they become engaged in designing assignments around the integrated learning project goals. Academic leadership still rests with the Academic Division Chairs - Laura Festa, Jimmy Jones, & Bob Bliss - and the two Assistant Provosts - Alan Belcher & Karen Merriman

    Team Members
    Learn more about our team.

    Dr. Marty Spiker assists Psychology students with SPSS.

    Faculty workshop showcasing strategies for the integration of liberal learning outcomes. Drs. Jo & Neal Blackwood, Jennifer Hoffman, and our new Provost, Dr. Stebbins.