Partnerships for Strategic Development and Dissemination
The KEEP Toolkit is being used by diverse institutions and faculty to explore how these tools enable them to document and share their efforts and advance collective knowledge of teaching and learning in various contexts.

The following collaborations present some of our current work in this effort. We hope these endeavors help other institutions and faculty that are interested in initiating similar projects in their local settings. For more information about our past work, please see the KEEP Toolkit Case Studies

Collaborations within The Carnegie Foundation

The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) Program in Higher Education
In an online collaborative workspace for scholars in the CASTL Higher Education Program, the Snapshot Tool was used to organize and represent the development of their research projects.
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The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) K-12 Program
A number of scholars who participated in the CASTL K-12 Program used the Snapshot Tool to document and share their work.
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The Carnegie Intitiative on the Doctorate
The CID is a multi-year research and action project to support university departments' efforts to more purposefully structure their doctoral programs. Each department participating in the CID has used the Snapshot Tool to document and reflect upon this work.This work will be shared within the community of participating departments before being shared on a public website.
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The Goldman-Quest Project
The Goldman-Carnegie Quest Program explored teacher-education pedagogies, which place vivid representations of both teaching and learning-to-teach at its center. Teacher educators documented and shared their work with the KEEP Toolkit.
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Integrative Learning Project
A three-year project that will work with ten selected campuses to develop and assess advanced models and strategies to help students pursue learning in more intentional, connected ways.
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Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC)
SPECC is a an action-research project that focuses on teaching and learning in pre-collegiate mathematics and English language arts courses at 11 California community colleges. Community College faculty documented and disseminated successful practices using the KEEP Toolkit.
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Institutional Collaborations

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
HHMI is a nonprofit medical research organization helping to enhance science education at all levels and maintain the vigor of biomedical science worldwide. The 2004 HHMI Professors are using the Snapshot Tool to provide a reflective analysis of the project for which they received the HHMI Professors award. These snapshots will eventually be shared on the HHMI website for readers to quickly access a complex representation of each particular project.
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MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)
MERLOT is an international cooperative that provides the academic community of teachers, students, librarians, technology staff, and administrators with an online community library where they can freely share high-quality educational resources that improve learning and teaching. In a pilot effort between Carnegie and MERLOT, selected authors of online learning resources create snapshots that reflect on their pedagogy as well as provide potential users with guidance on how they might adopt the materials for their own use.
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University of Maryland and Mills College
These universities are participating in pilot migration efforts to host and maintain local versions of the KEEP Toolkit on their institution's servers. With some assistance from the KEEP Toolkit development team, they are working through the issues of hosting, installation, integration and support services. It is our hope that through these pilot efforts, solutions and documentation for software migration will emerge.
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University of Waterloo
The Centre for Learning and Teaching Through Technology (LT3) at the University of Waterloo has initiated a project using the KEEP Toolkit to explore the use of the Snapshot Tool to support student learning and competency development from different learning contexts. This project also emphasizes the need for faculty to model such competencies for students in their teaching. The Snapshot Tool is being used to enhance Accounting and Financial Management education.
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The Sakai Foundation
The Sakai Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to coordinating activities around Sakai, an online open source Collaboration and Learning Environment, and the Sakai community at large. The KEEP Toolkit has been integrated with Sakai CLE to support teaching and learning, ad hoc group and research collaboration, as well as e-portfolios. Such workspace was used by numerous CASTL scholars during the pilot project that was later released to the greater Sakai community.
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